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Introducing the PMC-Eight

PMC-Eight GOTO System

Designed by Explore Scientific's Engineers, the PMC-Eight represents a new approach to robotic precision motion control for telescope mounts with a robust eight processor electronics board for wireless and wired connection for a wide range of software clients. While the design is innovative, we are doing what no other telescope company has done, and that is to make the controlling firmware interface language and example software code open source, so that programmers in the astronomical community can create new platforms and new astronomy GOTO experiences to best suit their needs for casual observations and research.

On this page you will find all the resources to learn how to use the PMC-Eight and the resources that programmers will need to create their own platforms.

Explore Scientific PMC-Eight Programmer's Reference
Basic Unboxing and Installation Installing ExploreStars How to Configure and Operate the Windows ExploreStars App Programming Custom Code
PMC-Eight Programmer's Reference
PMC-Eight Application Note 001
PMC-Eight Application Note 002
PMC-Eight Application Note 003

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